Polityka/Politics (Civic Education)

Our Public Event – a visit of our students in the Polish Parliament

On 25th January students from our school participated in the meeting titled „Law and lawlessness” with a judge Igor Tuleya and lawyer Paulina Kieszkowska-Knapik who represented the organisation „Free Courts”.

The event was organised in Polish Senate as a part of a series of meetings with outstanding specialists from different fields who are perceived as moral authorities.

It was also an occasion to present our Clio Project. The particpants of the meeting could get to know the brochure „Jak bez obaw wspierać demokrację i tolerancję” (How to support democracy and tolerance without any concern).

Students informed that the project: Challenging Hostile Views and Foster Civic Competences Sparkling Moves for VET Teachers (CLIO) is realised in our school. The project is helping to build the students awereness concerning civic education and democracy processes.

More than 50 students participated in the event from different schools.

Clio Application

We have already started testing Clio Application in our school. The application consists of many interesting questions helping to understand multiculturalism of our world, e.g., there are quizes concerning anticyganism, racism or antisemitism. The stuff included in the quizes is a bit challenging but „Rome wasn’t built at once” and we all broaden our horizons thanks the Clio Application. We expand our knowledge and we are going to know much more about our contemporary world.

A visit in the Polin Museum

On the 1st December 2021, students from the 1tc2 class visited the Polin Museum in Warsaw – it is the museum devoted to Polish jews, located in the former Jewish district – in the area of former Warsaw Ghetto.

Rich exhibition, multimedia and an outstanding tour guide helped the students to expand their knowledge about the Jewish minority in pre-war Warsaw. It turned out that the Jewish minority contributed enormously to the development of Polish culture in Warsaw and Poland.

Moreover, they got to know the heritage, style of life and customs of Jewish minority in Poland. Many famous people, politcians, actors and artists were of Jewish origin. They contributed to the development of Polish culture to the large extent.

Our students spent several hours in the museum -it was a really unforgettable and beneficial history lesson!

A visit in the Polish Parliament

On the 8th November 2021 students from our school paid a visit to the Polish Parliament under Mr Paweł Nawrocki’s charge (our Civic Education teacher). Students from our school took part in the lesson about Polish Parliamentary System organized by Ms Anna Maria Żukowska’s MP office. It was a valuable experience for students who gained a sound knowledge about the Polish Parliament and work of MPs.

Students also obtained a lot of outstanding information about the European Union and European Parliament. Additionally, Mr Robert Biedroń, MEP, and Mr Włodzimierz Czarzasty, Vice Marshal of Polish Parliament, attended the meeting.